Close Shave: We Are Pariah and more

Some distro additions. As usual, stocks are limited so act fast.

Arresten: Länge Har Vi Väntat 7″ 6e
Bomber: Sheep 7″ 6e
Close Air Support: Old Enough 7″ 6e
Close Shave: We Are Pariah CD 10e
Close Shave: We Are Pariah LP 15e
Franks, The: Break Up/Dead End Weekend 7″ 6e
Gatans Lag: Krossa NMR 7″ 6e
Grebol: Fyrtio Års Slit LP 12e
Oldfashioned Ideas: Hopp Och Förtvivlan 7″ (picture disk) 6e
Pistones, The: You Are The One 7″ 6e
Projekt 9: Vi Är Bättre Än Dig CD 10e
Reconquesta: Valor Perduts LP 12e
Reconquesta: Es Per Honor 7″ 6e
Reconquesta: Recupera El Que Et Pertany CD 10e
Shipwrecked: We Are The Sword LP 15e

Ukonnaula, mTorr, Kalevan Soturi

Some long overdue additions:

Kalevan Soturi: Valkoinen Myrsky/Eteenpäin 7″ 6e
mTorr: Nordic Iron Age 7″ 6e
mTorr: Viking Metal Rock CD 8e
mTorr: North CD 10e
mTorr: North LP 12e
Ukonnaula: Vanhan Vallan Kahleet MC 7e

As usual, limited stock of each item, so act fast or risk missing out.

Classic UK82 and Oi! on vinyl…


4-Skins, The: The Original Singles Box 4×7″ 25e (restock)
Antisocial: Battle Scarred Skinheads LP 17e
Business, The: Suburban Rebels LP 17e
Business, The: Saturdays Heroes LP 17e
Exploited, The: Punks Not Dead LP 17e
Live By The Sword: L.B.T.S./Soldiers 7″ 6e
Live By The Sword: Pillaged Hinterland 7″ 6e
Partisans, The: s/t LP 17e
Sabotage/No Heart: Split LP 17e

Postage will be added. Limited stock, so don’t dawdle!

New Sheer Terror EP + more

These were just added to the distro:

4 Skins, The: The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins 12″ 15e
4 Skins, The: The Original Singles Box Set 4 x 7″ 25e
Blitz: Time Bomb – Early Singles And Demos Collection LP 15e
Blood For Blood: Serenity CD 12e
Close Shave: Hard As Nails LP 15e
Discharger: Until We Die CD 12e
Sheer Terror: Pall In The Family 12″ 13e
Sheer Terror: Pall In The Family CD 12e
Stars And Stripes: Planet Of The States CD 12e

Distro additions + sale!

Some distro additions:

Citizen Keyne: White Collar Hooligan CD 11e
Citizen Keyne: White Collar Hooligan LP 13e
Enhärjarna: Sprit, Knogjärn & Tre Kronor LP 13e
Enhärjarna: Återkomsten LP 13e
Kill Baby Kill: Burn In Hell/PC Is Not For Me CD 11e
Last Riot: Zurück Auf Den Strassen CD 11e
Sons Of Liberty: Streetbeater 12″ EP 12e
Steelcapped Strength: Sign Of Evil CD 11e

We are also launching an AUTUMN SALE: for the entire month of September, all purchases over 20e will be given a 20% discount (postage will be added). This discount is valid for all products, regardless of format or price: as long as you buy stuff for 20e or more, we’ll give you the discount.