Distro additions + sale!

Some distro additions:

Citizen Keyne: White Collar Hooligan CD 11e
Citizen Keyne: White Collar Hooligan LP 13e
Enhärjarna: Sprit, Knogjärn & Tre Kronor LP 13e
Enhärjarna: Återkomsten LP 13e
Kill Baby Kill: Burn In Hell/PC Is Not For Me CD 11e
Last Riot: Zurück Auf Den Strassen CD 11e
Sons Of Liberty: Streetbeater 12″ EP 12e
Steelcapped Strength: Sign Of Evil CD 11e

We are also launching an AUTUMN SALE: for the entire month of September, all purchases over 20e will be given a 20% discount (postage will be added). This discount is valid for all products, regardless of format or price: as long as you buy stuff for 20e or more, we’ll give you the discount.

Demented Are Go, The 4-Skins, Bonecrusher and more…

Something a bit different for a change: an unhealthy dollop of psychobilly in the form of vinyl re-releases of some classic Demented Are Go stuff. But fear ye not, we haven’t forgotten or forsaken all you Oi!-fanatics out there either: some 4-Skins, Bonecrusher and more should keep y’all satisfied.

Here’s the low down, postage not included in the prices:

B-Squadron: Sons Of Tigers CD 12e
4 Skins, The: The Original Singles Box Set 7″ 25e
Bonecrusher: Followers Of A Brutal Calling LP 17e
Bonecrusher: Working For Nothing LP 17e
Demented Are Go: Kicked Out Of Hell LP 17e
Demented Are Go: Hellucifernation LP 17e
Demented Are Go: Orgasmic Nightmare LP 17e
Demented Are Go: Tangenital Madness LP 17e
Demented Are Go: The Day The Earth Spat Blood LP 17e
Live By The Sword: s/t LP 17e


French Oi! additions

Some French Oi! classics just added to the list, including restocks of the superb Skinkorps re-releases on Bords De Seine

OEIL POUR OEIL: Cranezarus Dinosaurus Rex CD 10.0 EUR
OEIL POUR OEIL: Nés Pour En Chier & Rock Anti-Caillera CDR 6.0 EUR
SKINKORPS: Il Faudra Bien Vous Y Faire 2CD 15.0 EUR (restock)
SKINKORPS: Il Faudra Bien Vous Y Faire 2LP 20.0 EUR (restock)
SKINKORPS: Faut Assurer 2LP 20.0 EUR (restock)


Distro addition

Just added the following items:

Hawks, The: This Way Is… Right Way CD 14e
Ian Stuart: Patriot CD 14e
Kriegs Legion: Awaken The Iron CD 10e
Kriegs Legion: Awaken The Iron LP 14e
Kriegs Legion: Anti State War Machine 7″ 6e
Lemovice: Front Des Patriotes LP 14e
Sabotage: Den Nya Värdegrunden 10″ 12e
Skrewdriver: Freedom What Freedom CD 14e
Total Annihilation: Total War 10e

As usual, postage is not included in the prices and stocks are limited, so act fast!

Superyob, Franky Flame etc. tonight

Yeah, my memory is shit, so I forgot to advertise about it here, but I reckon most everyone has seen the ad on Facebook already. Anyhow, we’ll be setting up a distro table at tonight’s Superyob gig in Helsinki. Tickets are still available at the door, so come join us for a night of good music and good fun!


Argy Bargy, The Templars, Sheer Terror, Discharger…

New additions:

Argy Bargy: The Likes Of Us 12″ 16e
Argy Bargy: Songs From The Streets 12″ 16e
Cock Sparrer: Forever CD 12e
Cock Sparrer: Forever 12″ 17e
Discharger: Desecrated Ground CD 12e
Discharger: Desecrated Ground 12″ 13e
Sheer Terror: Standing Up For Falling Down 12″ 16e
Templars, The: Deus Vult CD 12e
Templars, The: Deus Vult 12″ 17e