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2,0e 8 FOOT SATIVA: Season For Assault (melodic Swedish-style death metal from New Zealand)
0,1e 51KOODIA: Voisiko Tänään Olla Se Päivä (rock)
1,0e A GRUESOME FIND: Minions Engage (black/death metal)
3,0e ABOMINABLOOD: Dark Creatures In The Vacuum Of Dementia (bestial black metal)
2,0e ACCURSED: Weapon Be Thy Name (black/death metal)
4,0e ALLIANCE: Evil (oi)
2,0e ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, THE: At Fillmore East
1,0e AMERICAN PSYCHO: Industrial Darkwave Inspired By The Classic Book
3,0e ANTI-FLAG: American Spring (punk)
1,0e APOCALYPTICA: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
1,0e ASA MASA: Jou jou (Finnish rap)
10,0e BELPHEGOR: Bondage Goat Zombie/Pestapokalypse VI (2CD, black/death metal)
1,0e BERGTHRON: Uralte Gedanken (cut-out; black metal)
0,5e BERLIN: Extended Versions (low-budget live; 80’s synthpop)
3,0e BLACKHORNS: Rise Of The Infernal Sorcery (bestial black metal)
1,0e BLUES BROTHERS BAND, THE: Live! (blues)
5,0e CENOBITES: No Paradise For The Damned (psychobilly)
0,5e DEN AVGRUND: Onwards, Towards The Abyss (cdr; dark ambient)
8,0e DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND, THE: Synchestra Special Edition (CD+DVD)
2,0e DIE SO FLUID: Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending (alternative metal)
12,0e DIEUX DES CIMETIÈRES: European Fire (martial industrial; new, sealed)
3,0e DISKREPANT: Ex Machina Libertas (industrial noise)
1,0e DREAM THEATER: Awake (progressive metal; disc has some scratches but plays fine)
1,0e FORSYTHIA: Your Delusion (cdr; demo, death metal)
3,0e GENERIC: Torture (industrial noise)
4,0e GERARD WAY: Hesitant Alien (indie)
2,0e GORGON: The Lady Rides A Black Horse (black metal; Todestriebin re-release)
3,0e GRAMARY: Death Inbound (black metal)
2,0e GRUNTSPLATTER/SLOWVENT: Split Release (noise/industrial)
5,0e GULAGGH: Vorkuta (experimental/noise/industrial, ex-Stalaggh)
3,0e HARMAA GETTO: Ovenvartija (densohop, with ties to Paavoharju and Joose Keskitalo)
3,0e HELL ICON: Asperitas Et Auctoritas Tuae, Quae Sunt Magistris Nostris In Motu Ad Te (cdr; Abruptum style black noise)
3,0e HELLBOX: Infernothing (black/thrash metal)
5,0e HEXEN HOLOCAUST: Heretical Dreadful Orgies (bestial black metal)
1,0e HOARSTONE: s/t (black metal)
3,0e HOEDOWN: XX (country)
0,5e HORDACH: Profane Live (cdr, demo; black metal. Disc scratched but plays fine)
3,0e IAMX: Alive In New Light (electropop)
4,0e IN FLAMES: Soundtrack To Your Escape (special version w. CD+DVD; slipcase missing)
1,0e INCUBUS: A Crow Left Of The Murder… (rock; CD+DVD)
5,0e INTERPOL: Our Love To Admire (indie rock; limited edition w. bonus DVD)
4,0e ICE CUBE: Death Certificate (gangsta rap classic)
1,0e IGGY POP: Collections (10 track collection)
2,0e JAMIROQUAI: The Return Of The Space Cowboy (electronica)
1,0e JAMIROQUAI: A Funk Odyssey (electronica; disc scratched but plays fine)
1,0e JAMIROQUAI: Synkronized (eletronica; disc scratched but plays fine)
4,0e JASON JAMES: s/t (georgejones-country)
5,0e JERRY LEE LEWIS: Jerry Lee Lewis/When Two Worlds Collide/Killer Country (2cd; contains three albums from ’79-’80)
6,0e JORI HULKKONEN: Dualizm (electronica)
1,0e JOSEPH THOLL: Devil’s Drum (heavy rock)
2,0e KADAVER: Molested Into Form (noise)
1,0e KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: As Daylight Dies (metalcore)
5,0e KLINIKAL SKUM: Chosen Powerless (death industrial)
3,0e KNUCKLES: First Fury (psychobilly)
0,1e LEVERAGE: Fifteen Years/Marching To War (metal, single)
1,0e LORD OF PAGATHORN: Msilihporcen (cdr; black metal)
3,0e LOVEMATCHES, THE: Rescue Songs (country)
1,0e MARCUS & MARTINUS: Hei (special version; kid pop)
1,0e MARCUS & MARTINUS: Moments (kid-oriented pop)
2,0e MARILYN MONROE: I Wanna Be Loved By You (2cd compilation)
2,0e MASTODON: Blood Mountain (metal)
1,0e METALLICA: Kill ‘Em All (thrash metal; apparently some 90’s Russian bootleg. Some surface marks on the disc, plays fine)
3,0e METSATÖLL: Hiiekoda (pagan metal)
3,0e MIDNIGHT OIL: Diesel And Dust (aussie rock)
3,0e MIDNIGHT OIL: Blue Sky Mining (aussie rock)
1,0e MIKE OLDFIELD: Earth Moving
3,0e MILES DAVIS: The Essential Miles Davis (2cd; jazz)
4,0e NAS: Nastradamus (rap)
2,0e NELJÄ RUUSUA: Haloo (suomirock)
1,0e NEW DAWN FOUNDATION: Moment Of Clarity (Finnish gothic metal)
1,0e NIK KERSHAW: Then & Now (80’s pop, 20 track compilation)
2,0e NO-MAN: ((speak)) (electronica/post-rock from Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame)
2,0e NO-MAN: Together We’re Stranger (electronica/post-rock from Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame)
4,0e OPIUM WARLORDS: Live At Colonia Dignidad (doom metal)
3,0e ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Junk Culture (80’s pop)
0,5e ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Stand Above Me (single, 90’s material from the 80’s legends)
1,0e ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Universal (90’s material from the 80’s legends)
1,0e OVERLORD INDUSTRIES: Die Konspiracy Of The Midi Drum Machine (cdr demo; avantgarde extreme metal)
1,0e OVERLORD INDUSTRIES: Wissen, Kreativität Und Macht (cdr demo; avantgarde extreme metal)
1,0e OVERLORD INDUSTRIES: Superunderground Vehicle (cdr demo; avantgarde death metal)
1,0e OVERLORD INDUSTRIES: (cdr demo; avantgarde death metal)
3,0e POOR FELLAS: Living For Myself (rockabilly)
3,0e POOR FELLAS: Streets Of Desolation (rockabilly)
1,0e PUFF DADDY & THE FAMILY: No Way Out (rap)
1,0e RÖYKSOPP: Junior (electronic)
5,0e SABBATH ASSEMBLY: Quaternity
4,0e SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT: II – Exalted Spectres (black metal)
1,0e SARAH VAUGHAN: The Essential Sarah Vaughan (jazz; 2CD compilation)
2,0e SEAR: Begin The Celebrations Of Sin (black/death metal)
3,0e SELECTER, THE: Greatest Hits (2-tone ska)
1,0e SELF RISING FLOUR: All Original (cdr; bluegrass)
4,0e SEX PISTOLS: Never Mind The Bollocks (punk)
5,0e SICK SEED: The Great Corrupter (power electronics)
1,0e SKREPPERS, THE: Stilettos (garage-rockabilly trash)
1,0e SYSTEM OF A DOWN: Mesmerize (metal)
1,0e TEARS FOR FEARS: Classic (80’s pop; 15 track compilation)
3,0e TED NUGENT: s/t (hard rock)
5,0e TEKSTI-TV 666: 1 2 3 (rock)
5,0e TEKSTI-TV 666: Aidattu Tulevaisuus (rock)
1,0e TENACIOUS D: s/t (Jack Black’s rock project)
2,0e TENEBRE: Descend From Heaven (heavy goth rock)
0,1e THOMAS RUSIAK: Hiphopper (electronic; single)
5,0e TOXPACK: Schall & Rausch (street punk)
10,0e TREPANERINGSRITUALEN: Veil The World (ritual industrial noise; new, still sealed)
5,0e TRUE FROST, THE: …In Eternal Strife (black metal)
2,0e TUULA AMBERLA: Siniset Kyyneleet
1,0e VEHEMENCE: Helping The World To See (death metal)
2,0e VELEHENTOR: Bleaching Of Penury (cdr; noise)
7,0e WATAIN: Casus Luciferi (black metal)
7,0e WATAIN: Sworn To The Dark (black metal)
3,0e WITHERED: Memento Mori (death metal)
2,0e WOLFMOTHER: s/t (hard rock)
1,0e XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION: Victory (cdr; noise)
1,0e XZIBIT: Restless (rap)
1,0e YES: The Ultimate Yes (2cd, proge)
1,0e ZINC ROOM: In Wooden Room (dark ambient; scratches on the disc – plays fine)
2,0e ZZ TOP: ZZ Top’s First Album (blues boogie rock)
5,0e V/A: Brutal Africa – The Heavy Metal Cowboys Of Botswana (Compilation of six metal bands from Botswana)
1,0e V/A: Cars 2 Original Soundtrack (soundtrack to the Disney-Pixar movie)
1,0e V/A: Gothic Romance 3 – The Best Goth Love Songs (2cd; gothic metal)
1,0e V/A: Metalliliitto (classic metal compilation)
4,0e V/A: NYC Oi! Fest Volume One (live compilation)
4,0e V/A: NYC Oi! Fest Vol 2 (live compilation)
1,0e V/A: Risto Räppääjä (soundtrack to the Finnish kids’ movie)
1,0e V/A: Sign Of The Hammer (2cd, Hammerheart compilation; black/death metal)
8,0e V/A: Unsere Heimat (neofolk & martial industrial. Arditi, Leidungr, Von Thronstahl etc. New, still sealed)


1,0e BLANK FLAGS: s/t (hnw)
3,0e BOB MALMSTRÖM: Länge Leve Bob Malmström (borgarcore)
7,0e BRETHREN: Alienated And Radicalized (power electronics)
7,0e BRETHREN: Savage Inequalities (power electronics)
3,0e CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION/SSRI: split (harsh noise/power electronics)
3,0e DEAD BODY COLLECTION: The Night (harsh noise/hnw)
5,0e DEATHCHURCH: Vomit Upon The Burning Heaven (black noise metal)
1,0e DESCENDRE/NAZI TUMOUR: Desolator (split, black metal vs. noisecore weirdness)