Distro: CD

4-Skins, The: The Return 10.0 EUR

45 Adapters: Collected Works Vol. 1 14.0 EUR

Abtrimo: 7 Auf Einem Streich 5.0 EUR

All In Brawl: All In Brawl 10.0 EUR

Angry Bootboys, The: Wegen Einem Wie Dir 10.0 EUR

Angry Bootboys, The/Punk Front: Angry Young And Punk 8.0 EUR

Anti-Squad: Indonesian Proud 10.0 EUR

Antipati: On Repeat 11.0 EUR

Antipati: Quattro Stagioni – Extra Allt! 8.0 EUR

Argy Bargy: Drinks, Drugs And Football Thugs 10.0 EUR

Argy Bargy: Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes 12.0 EUR

Asociale: 1990-2010 Complete Recordings 10.0 EUR

B-Squardon: Sons Of Tigers 12.0 EUR
– Newer band from the UK playing Oi! in the traditional UK style: nothing fancy, nothing polished, just hard hitting working class street level rock music.

Backstreet Firm: Backstreet Firm 8.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: British Oi! Is Fighting Back 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Nightmares In Red, White And Blue 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Sent Down 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: The Storm Of Our Discontent 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: The Wolves Within The Walls 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Vilified 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Boots Braces And B Sides 10 EUR
– Compilation of tracks from singles, splits and compilations. Classic brickwall UK Oi! Oi!

Bakers Dozen/Retaliator: Kick Down That Fucking Wall!! 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen/Skinfull: Looking For Trouble 10.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen/No Quarter: Bootboy Rock ‘n’ Roll 11.0 EUR
– Split by these two UK Oi! bands

Balefire: On The Road To Redemption 8.0 EUR

Bandeira De Combate & Kill Baby, Kill!: Rocking In São Paulo, Rolling In Brazil 10.0 EUR

Better Dead Than Red: Marx Was Wrong 10.0 EUR

Better Dead Than Red: The Best Of… 10.0 EUR

Bishops Green: A Chance To Change 11.0 EUR

Bishops Green: Back To Our Roots 10.0 EUR

Bishops Green: Pressure 10.0 EUR

Bishops Green: s/t 9.0 EUR

Bleed: Hooligan Element 10.0 EUR

Blood For Blood: Serenity 12.0 EUR
– White trash hardcore

Blue Collar Criminals: Kindred Spirits & Unheard Cries 10.0 EUR

Blue Max: Back To The Boots 10.0 EUR

Bombardiers: Bordeaux 83 10.0 EUR

Boot Party: Headstomp 10.0 EUR

Bootboys: Enfant De La Crise 6.0 EUR

Booze & Glory: Always On The Wrong Side 10.0 EUR

Booze & Glory: As Bold As Brass 10.0 EUR

Booze & Glory: London Skinhead Crew – Singles Collection 10.0 EUR

Booze & Glory: Trouble Free 10.0 EUR

Bottlejob: You And Whose Army 10.0 EUR

Breakout: Hitting The Canvas 10.0 EUR

Bridgeburners, The: War, Conquest, Pestilence, Death 10.0 EUR

Broken Heroes: This Is Oi! 10.0 EUR

Brokk/Enhärjarna: I Frostdimmans Hemvist 11.0 EUR

Bruiseheads, The: The Unstoppable Force 14.0 EUR

Bruiseheads, The: Wasting Away 8.0 EUR

Brutal Attack: Keeping The Dream Alive 12.0 EUR

Brutal Attack: Valiant Heart (Rising Above All) 10.0 EUR

Brutal Skins: Demo 5.0 EUR

Brutti E Ignoranti: Finche’ C’e’ Birra C’e’ Speranza 14.0 EUR

Carcereduro: D’estoc Et De Taille 12.0 EUR

Carcereduro: Ad Honorem 10.0 EUR
– French Viking Rock

Chaoskrieger: 655321 10.0 EUR

Chaoskrieger: Clockwork Skinhead 10.0 EUR

Chaoskrieger: Die Todesreiter 10.0 EUR

Chromjuvelen: Rocking & Rollig 10.0 EUR

Citizen Keyne: Stand Proud 10.0 EUR

Citizen Keyne: Ungreat Britain 10.0 EUR

Citizen Keyne: Unity 10.0 EUR

Citizen Keyne: White Collar Hooligan 11.0 EUR
UK Oi! Oi! punk

Civico 88: A Way Of Life 14.0 EUR

Civico 88: La Strada 14.0 EUR

Civico 88: Un Altro Ancora 14.0 EUR

CL1/First Offense: This Is Rustbelt Streetpunk 10.0 EUR

Close Combat: Guest Of The State 10.0 EUR

Close Shave: Bad Reputation 12.0 EUR

Close Shave: Hard As Nails 10.0 EUR

Close Shave: Lone Riders 11.0 EUR

Close Shave: Made In Brum 12.0 EUR

Close Shave: Oi! Kinnock Give Us Back Our Rose 10.0 EUR

Close Shave: We Are Pariah 10.0 EUR
– New album by the UK Oi! legends. Uncompromising oi oi, as you can expect from ’em!

Cock Sparrer: Forever 12.0 EUR
– Cock Sparrer are back with a brand new album, a whopper of an album with 16 songs (four more than on the LP!) and a running time of 50 minutes. Classic Sparrer Oi! Oi! you all love!

Code 1: Telling It Like It Is 10.0 EUR

Code 1: You Won’t Beat Us 11.0 EUR

Coldside: Outcasts, Thugs And Outsiders 11.0 EUR

Combat 84: Charge Of The 7th Cavalry 10.0 EUR

Combat 84: Orders Of The Day 10.0 EUR

Combat 84: Tooled Up 8.0 EUR

Condemned 84: Amongst The Thugs 10.0 EUR

Condemned 84: Blood On Yer Face! 10.0 EUR

Condemned 84: In From The Darkness 12.0 EUR

Condemned 84: Live And Loud 10.0 EUR

Condemned 84: Singles Collection 10.0 EUR

Condemned 84: The Boots Go Marching In 10.0 EUR

Contemptuous: From The Ashes 2003 – 2006 12.0 EUR

Contra Boys: Od Kulyski Az Po Grób 10.0 EUR

Contra Boys: Podziemne Miasto 10.0 EUR

Control: Ballad Of The Working Man 12.0 EUR

Control: Hooligan Rock ‘n’ Roll 10.0 EUR

Control: Punk Rock Ruined My Life 10.0 EUR

Corps, The: Hold Fast 10.0 EUR

Corps, The: Nail It Shut 10.0 EUR

Coup De Masse: Mourir Pour Vivre 10.0 EUR

Criminal Intent: Thug Rock 10.0 EUR
– US Oi!, hard and tough.

Crossfire: Tomorrow Burns 10.0 EUR

Crucial Change: 33 10.0 EUR

Crusaders: The Anger Inside 10.0 EUR

Dead On’s: Letters From… 8.0 EUR

Deafness By Noise: Noize Deaf Forever/Roots Baby Roots 7.0 EUR

Der Bretonische Waffenverband: 20 Ans Deja! 10.0 EUR

Dilligafs, The: Bad Boy Rock ‘n’ Roll 10.0 EUR

Dim’s Rebellion/The Dontcares: Hellsplit #1 10.0 EUR

Discharger: Our Hate Is Justified 14.0 EUR
– Their second album, re-released in a luxurious digipak as part of Rebellion Records’ Oi! The Collectors Series

Discharger: Desecrated Ground 12.0 EUR
– One of the best Oi! albums in recent years! Anthemic, aggressive, metallic stuff. Simply essential!

Discharger: Until We Die 12.0 EUR
– Hard and heavy Oi!, their last album

Discharger/Jenny Woo: Clockwork Patriots 10.0 EUR

Disturbed Mother Fucker: …Oi! Ain’t Dead… 10.0 EUR

Disturbed Mother Fucker: Life Is So Serious 10.0 EUR

Disturbed Mother Fucker/Hammered Mother Fucker: Looking For Trouble 10.0 EUR

Donars Groll: Gegen Den Strom 10.0 EUR

Donars Groll: Von Liebe, Hass Und Alten Riten 10.0 EUR

Double Knockout: Poor Man’s Poetry 10.0 EUR

Dr. Martins: Legado Sulista 10.0 EUR

Endstufe: Feuer Frei 10.0 EUR

Endstufe: Steht Auf! 11.0 EUR
– 2013 album by this long-running, legendary German skinhead band!

Endstufe: Live (Wo Wir Sind Brennt Die Luft) 10.0 EUR

Endstufe/Last Riot: Wir Sind Keine Engel 10.0 EUR

English Rose: Never Be Silenced While The Flame Still Burns 12.0 EUR

Enhärjarna: The Resurrection 11.0 EUR

Everyday Hate: Rebirth 10.0 EUR

Evil Conduct: Working Class Anthems 12.0 EUR

Evil Conduct feat. Franky Flame: The Way We Feel 10.0 EUR

Fatskins: Thinkin’ Like A Fatskin 10.0 EUR

Faustrecht: Strassensozialisten 10.0 EUR

Firm, The/Pride, The: Looking For Trouble 10.0 EUR

Forbidden Rage: Oi! The End 10.0 EUR

Forced Reality: Forced Reality 10.0 EUR

Forced Reality: Unheard, Unreleased And Under The Boot 10.0 EUR

Fortress & Brutal Attack: The Garrison C.D. 9.0 EUR

Freigänger: Demo 2011 5.0 EUR

Freke: Som En Stormvind 12.0 EUR

Frostfödd: Den Första Striden 12.0 EUR

Frostfödd: Det Andra Inseglet 12.0 EUR

Garrota: Dalla Parte Sbaglia 14.0 EUR

Garrota: L’Ora Del Riscatto 14.0 EUR

Gatans Lag: Alla Hängda Rövares Själar 11.0 EUR
– Re-release of the debut album by this great Swedish Oi! band

Gewohnheitstrinker: Jeverbier & Soulmusik 10.0 EUR

Glory Boys: Skinhead Resistance 10.0 EUR

Gonads, The: Greater Hits Volume One: Plums 10.0 EUR

Granits, The: Ehrlich Hart & Laut 10.0 EUR

Granits, The: Noten Aus Granit 10.0 EUR

Groupuskull: Pour Le Meilleur… 10.0 EUR

Guadana: Guadana 10.0 EUR

Haggis: Stormtroopers Of Hate 10.0 EUR

Haircut: Fils d’Ouvrier 10.0 EUR

Haircut: Pas De Treve 10.0 EUR

Haircut/Stomper 98: The Crash 5.0 EUR

Hais & Fiers: Timebomb 8.0 EUR

Hammer And The Nails: s/t 14.0 EUR

Hard Resistance: Euphemism 8.0 EUR

Harrington Saints: Bettin’ On A Longshot (The Singles Collection) 10.0 EUR

Hawks, The: This Way Is… Right Way 14.0 EUR
– Japanese Samurai Spirit Oi!/RAC. Contains tracks from compilations and old releases

Headcase: Satisfaction Guaranteed 10.0 EUR
– Belgian Oi!, hard and yet melodic

Headwound: Ginmill 10.0 EUR

Hel: Blodspår 11.0 EUR

Hel: Bortglömda Tid 11.0 EUR

Hel: Valkyriors Dom 11.0 EUR

I Don’t Like You: Keine Reue 10.0 EUR

Ian Stuart: Patriot 14.0 EUR
– Solo album from legendary Skrewdriver main man. Patriotic rock not too far apart rom Skrewdrivers’ sound.

I.C.1: Based On A True Story 10.0 EUR

I.C.1: Loud & Proud 10.0 EUR

Insane Society: Inequality Street 5.0 EUR

Insane Society: Upside Down 5.0 EUR

Insane Youth: Wasted Lives 8.0 EUR

Ironbird: Pentagrammi & Tursaansydän 10.0 EUR

Jacklads, The: Match Day Fever 9.0 EUR

Jenny Woo: Alberta Rose 10.0 EUR

Joe Frustration: Beat Down Ballads 10.0 EUR

Johnny Asbo & The Young Guns: Never Mind The Bullshit Here’s The Facts 11.0 EUR

Junkers, The: Maszyna Nienawisci 10.0 EUR

Junkers, The: Nasza Wolnosc 10.0 EUR

Junkers, The: Teraz I Zawsze I Na Wieki Wieków/Now And Forever And For Years To Come 10.0 EUR

Kalevalan Viikingit: Excalibur Of The North – Best Of… 10.0 EUR

Kalevalan Viikingit: Pohjolan Korkeajännitys 10.0 EUR

Kampfzone: Aussenseiter 10.0 EUR

Kampfzone: Kriegsgebiet 8.0 EUR

Kampfzone: Kurze Haare, Schwere Boots 10.0 EUR

Kampfzone: The Early Years 10.0 EUR

Kampfzone: Zwischen Den Fronten 10.0 EUR

Kareliaani: Pagan Europe 10.0 EUR

Kareliaani: Patriotic Force 10.0 EUR

Kareliaani/Diamond Axe: Split 10.0 EUR

Ken McLellan And Arrow Cross: Twice As Hard 10.0 EUR

Kicker Boys: s/t 11.0 EUR

Kill Baby, Kill!: A Prophet Returns… 10.0 EUR

Kill Baby, Kill!: Burn In Hell/PC Is Not For Me 11.0 EUR
– Two EP’s on one CD. Already classic material from one of the best Oi!/RAC bands of the previous decade

Kill Baby, Kill!/Gits, The: From The East To The West 10.0 EUR

Klassenkampf: Demo 5.0 EUR

Kombatants: Ruck ‘n’ Oi! 10.0 EUR

Komintern Sect: d’Une Meme Voix 14.0 EUR

Kommando Skin: Bis Der Letzte Mit Uns Singt 10.0 EUR

Kommando Skin: Trotz Allem Heiter 10.0 EUR

Kraftheim: s/t 11.0 EUR

Kriegs Legion: War Bastard 10.0 EUR

Kriegs Legion: Awaken The Iron 10.0 EUR
– Fucking aggressive US metallic hardcore. Sort of like a mix of streetcore, Discharger-style hardcore and Carnivore… with in-your-face violent but intelligent lyrics to boot.

Kriminals, The: Tutti A Rubare 14.0 EUR

Lammkotze: Frei & Ungebändigt 10.0 EUR

Lancasters, The: 2000-2005 (Alexander & Gore) 12.0 EUR

Last Resort, The: Live And Loud 2011 12.0 EUR

Last Resort, The: This Is My England: Skinhead Anthems III 12.0 EUR

Last Riot: Böse Jungs 10.0 EUR

Last Riot: Zurück Auf Den Strassen 11.0 EUR
– German Oi!/RAC

Last Seen Laughing: Where We Belong 10.0 EUR

Legion Condor: Puppenspieler 10.0 EUR

Legittima Offesa: Spacca Tutto 14.0 EUR

Legittima Offesa: White Kriminals 14.0 EUR

Les Vilains: Pour Faire Chier! The Single Collection 10.0 EUR

Les Vilains: Skinhead Family 13.0 EUR

London Diehards, The/Johnny Asbo & The Young Guns/East End Badoes: Live Bad And Die Hard 10.0 EUR

Maddog Surrender: Bethlehem Steel 10.0 EUR

Maddog Surrender: s/t 10.0 EUR

Major Disappointment: Underground Allegiance 11.0 EUR

Midgårds Söner: Fä Dör 10.0 EUR

Midgårds Söner: Nordens Kall 11.0 EUR

Misconduct: Blood On Our Hands 10.0 EUR

mTorr: Viking Metal Rock 8.0 EUR
– Viking Metal Rock – new band by Arska of Kalevalan Viikingit, Kareliaani, Arska & Hakkapeliitat, Ironbird etc. Slightly more metallic stuff for a change, but still true to his established sound and style. Seven track EP.

mTorr: North 10.0 EUR
– Viking metal rock, eg. the new band by Arska of Kalevalan Viikingit, Kareliaani, Arska & Hakkapeliitat, Ironbird etc.

Murderer’s Row: Beer Fueled Mayhem 8.0 EUR

Murderer’s Row: Menace To Sobriety 8.0 EUR

Nativi: Avanti Ribelle! 14.0 EUR

Nativi: Gloria O Morte 14.0 EUR

No Remorse: Blood Against Gold 12.0 EUR

No Remorse: The Winning Hand 12.0 EUR

No Surrender: Gentlemen Prefer Bombs 8.0 EUR

Noi!se: Pushing On 10.0 EUR

Oeil Pour Oeil: Rock Anti Cailleras 10.0 EUR

Oeil Pour Oeil: Cranezarus Dinosaurus Rex 10.0 EUR
– third album by the French Oi! band; hard hitting Oi! in the best French tradition

Oeil Pour Oeil: Nés Pour En Chier & Rock Anti-Caillera CDR 6.0 EUR
– compilation compiling together the French Oi! bands’ two first albums. Pro-printed, nice looking digipak and pro-printed CDr disc. A great, affordable way to get this great bands’ two first albums.

Offensive Weapon: Offensive Weapon 10.0 EUR

Oi!Tanking: Wir Sind Doch Keine Hochstuhlabsolventen 5.0 EUR

Old Firm Casuals, The/Razorblade/The Corps/Booze & Glory: Oi! Ain’t Dead 10.0 EUR

Oldfashioned Idea: Promises Mean Nothing 12.0 EUR

On File: Breaking Rules 10.0 EUR

On File: Ejected From The Premises/Another Day In Paradise 10.0 EUR

On File: The Real McOi!/Birds Don’t Like The Skinheads 10.0 EUR

Oppressed, The: Music For Hooligans 12.0 EUR

Orgullo Sur: Salud Por Los Skinheads 13.0 EUR

Orgullo Sur: Sureno, Rural Y Brutal 10.0 EUR

Outclass: Second To None 8.0 EUR

Overload: Godkiller 10.0 EUR

Pagan Skull: In The Hands Of The Fatherland 10.0 EUR

Para Elite: Battlecry Anthems – Complete Studio Recordings 11.0 EUR
– As the name says, the complete studio recordings of this US brickwall Oi! group. Includes covers of Condemned 84 and Skullhead.

Patriot: The Spirit Of Rebellion 12.0 EUR

Patrons, The: We Shall Not Be Moved 10.0 EUR

Payback: Bring It Back 10.0 EUR

Perkele: Confront 10.0 EUR

Perkele: Perkele Forever 10.0 EUR

Perkele: Stories From The Past 10.0 EUR

Perkele: Voice Of Anger 10.0 EUR

Pints, The: Shadows Of The Past 10.0 EUR

Pitbullfarm: s/t 12.0 EUR

Point Blank: Made In China CDR 6.0 EUR

Porrada/Frontlash: Patriotic Passion 10.0 EUR

Pro Patria: Svensk Makt 10.0 EUR

Projekt 9: Vi Är Bättre Än Dig 10.0 EUR

Pylvanainen: Maamme Raunioilla 10.0 EUR

Quartier Libre: 69, 77, 84, … 10.0 EUR

Rampage: On Attack 10.0 EUR

Razorblade: Days Of Glory 10.0 EUR

Razorblade: Gegen Die Masse 12.0 EUR

Razorblade: Music For Maniacs 10.0 EUR

Razorblade: My Name Is Vengeance 10.0 EUR

Razorblade: Singles Collection 1 14.0 EUR

Razorblade: The Early Years 14.0 EUR

Reconquesta: Recupera El Que Et Pertany 10.0 EUR
– Spanish Oi! with a slight hint of the classic Italian sound

Retaliatior: Order Of Chaos 10.0 EUR
– Re-release of the 90’s UK Oi! legends’ debut album. You know what to expect.

Retaliator: Complete Singles And Rarities Collection 10.0 EUR

Retaliator: Lionhearted 10.0 EUR

Revilers: Revilers 10.0 EUR

Rezystencja: My Jestesmy Skinheads 10.0 EUR

Riot, The: Deset Let – Ten Years 10.0 EUR

Rotten Apples: Music To Polish Your Boots To 10.0 EUR

S.S.S.P.: For Life 10.0 EUR

Sabotage: Faderskap I Gråzonen 11.0 EUR

Scum: The Fight Goes On 10.0 EUR

Sheer Terror: Standing Up For Falling Down 11.0 EUR

Sheer Terror: Pall In The Family 12.0 EUR
– The new EP by the legendary hardcore band. Features four bonus tracks not on the vinyl.

Short Cropped: S.C.F. – F.S.C. 10.0 EUR

Short Cropped: When The Going Gets Tough… 10.0 EUR

Sinners, The: Bloody Game 10.0 EUR

Skinboiss: Oi! Division Finland 8.0 EUR

Skinboiss: Skinhead Action 10.0 EUR

Skinfull: Good Intentions… Bad Ideas 10.0 EUR

Skinkorps: Il Faudra Bien Vous Y Faire 2CD 15.0 EUR
– Absolutely stunning 2CD digipak compiling together the two albums of this French Oi! legend along with plenty of demo, EP and compilation tracks – 46 tracks of classic Oi! Oi! in total.

Skinkorps: Faut Assurer 10.0 EUR

Skrewdriver: All Skrewed Up 10.0 EUR
– Their first album, the apolitical one like I’m sure everyone and their grandmother knows. Hard, gritty, angry and streetwise ’77 punk rock.

Skrewdriver: Freedom What Freedom 14.0 EUR
– Not quite their best, but still an absolutely essential RAC classic!

Skullhead: Return To Thunder 12.0 EUR
– The comeback album from the early 2000’s. Less political lyrically, as strong as ever musically.

Smart Violence: Hard Hitting Skinhead Rock 5.0 EUR

Social Combat: Mail From Hell 10.0 EUR

Spearhead: Gotta Keep Fighting 8.0 EUR

Spy Kids: …The End Of The First Decade… 8.0 EUR

Stars And Stripes: Planet Of The States 12.0 EUR
– Newer album by one of the original US Oi! groups

Steelcapped Ballads: s/t 10.0 EUR

Steelcapped Bisson: Proud & Free R.A.C 12.0 EUR

Stormbringer: Hammer Of The Gods 12.0 EUR

Straw Dogs: The Angry Silence 10.0 EUR

Streetpunk Drunks: Alcohol Abuse 10.0 EUR

Sturmtrupp: Blut Unsere Ahnen 10.0 EUR

Sturmtrupp: Unter Feindliche Attacke 10.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: It’s A Thugs Life 10.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: Sex, Thugs And Rock ‘n’ Roll 10.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: Straightjacket Symphonies 12.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: The Mother Fucking Army 8.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: Thug Anthems 10.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers/London Diehards, The: Looking For Trouble 10.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers/Tollshock: Tattooed, Pissed & Proud 10.0 EUR

Teep’n’Teepatix: T.N.T. 10.0 EUR
– Really weird new wave-y stuff including some ex-members of French skinhead/RAC legends Evil Skins

Templars, The: Clockwork Orange Horror Show 8.0 EUR

Templars, The: Reconquista 1994-1998 14.0 EUR

Timebomb: The Way 10.0 EUR

Tir Groupe: Assaut Final 10.0 EUR

Tolbiac’s Toads: L’Integrale 1982/1994 (2CD) 18.0 EUR

Total Annihilation: The Great Patriotic War 10.0 EUR

Total Annihilation: Total War 10.0 EUR
– Unapologetically patriotic US brickwall Oi!

Tropel: Pela Glória Das Ruas 10.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: 30 Åriga Kriget 8.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Karoliner 10.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Korpkvädet 10.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Lejonet Från Norden 11.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Once Upon A Time 11.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Resa Utan Slut 10.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Sverige 11.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Vikingabalk 11.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: 1458 10.0 EUR
– Newest album by the legendary Swedish viking rockers, now with original vocalist Bruno Hansen behind the mic!

Ultima Thule/Hel: Genom Eld Och Aska 10.0 EUR

Ultimo Asalto: Mi Camino 10.0 EUR

Unit Lost: Killing The Scene 13.0 EUR

Vallgatan: Brott & Straff 11.0 EUR

Vanilla Muffins: All Give Some – Some Give All 5.0 EUR

Vanilla Muffins: Sugar Oi! Will Win!!! 10.0 EUR

Vapaudenristi: Ei Maata Ilman Kansaa 10.0 EUR

Vit Legion: s/t 12.0 EUR

Vit Legion: Tusen Kulor 12.0 EUR

Vortex: Und Was Wollt Ihr? 10.0 EUR

Warrior Kids: Les Kids d’Estrangin 2CD 18.0 EUR

Warriors, The: Never Forgive Never Forget 10.0 EUR

Warriors, The: The Best Of… 10.0 EUR

Warriors, The: Unite The Scene 10.0 EUR

White Flag Down: Never Surrender/Outlaw 10.0 EUR

Widowmakers, The: Reap What You’ve Sown 10.0 EUR

V/A: Brewed In Sweden 10.0 EUR

V/A: For The Love Of Rock ‘n’ Oi! 10.0 EUR

V/A: Grey Zone Vol. 1-4 De-Vinyled 13.0 EUR
– CD release compiling together the first four volumes in Grey Zone Records’ 12″ series. Features Sons Of Liberty, Butcher’s Nail, Queensbury Rules and Doc Evil.

V/A: Is This England? 5.0 EUR

V/A: Made In Japan 2CD 14.0 EUR

V/A: United Skins For Freedom Of Speech 2CD 10.0 EUR