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Latest additions (02.08.2021)

Bishops Green: Pressure CD 12e
Bromure: s/t LP 17e
Cenobites: Aftermath LP 17e
Cenobites: No Paradise For The Damned CD 12e
Chisel, The: Deconstructive Surgery 7″ 8e
Chisel, The: Come See Me/Not The Only One 7″ 8e
Demented Are Go: In Sickness & In Health LP 17e
Demented Are Go: Kicked Out Of Hell LP 17e
Doug & The Slugz: Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude LP 17e
Infa Riot: Still Out Of Order LP 17e
Maraboots: Dans La Nuit LP 17e
Partisans, The: Anarchy In Alkatraz/No Future Demos LP 20e
Porvenir Oscuro: Asquerosa Humanidad LP 20e
Rixe: Collection LP 20e
Sheer Terror: Pall In The Family LP 17e

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