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Live By The Sword: Live By The Sword 6.0 EUR
– Limited edition tape version of the self-titled compilation which collects all EP’s, singles and compilation tracks by this outfit with ties to Razorblade etc. Hardcore-tinged no-nonsense oi!

Live By The Sword: Exploring Soldiers Rise 7.0 EUR
– Their debut full-length album; a bit harder, heavier, more distorted and metallic than their previous output… but still retaining the high quality. Featuring Wouter of Razorblade fame on guitar.


StrigOi! 10.0 EUR
Romanian fanzine in English. Oi!, punk & metal. Featuring Axa Valaha, Collision, Eröszakszervezet, Karloff, Leather Brigade, Mendeku Diskak, Napoi!ka, Plakkaggio, Rotheads, Scandal, Toro Bravo, Hardsell, The Unborn & Wrong Turn. 70 pages.