Distro: 7″ & 10″ vinyl

7″ vinyl

4-Skins, The: The Original Singles Box (4×7″) 25.0 EUR
– Nice looking and affordable box that compiles together the original singles of the UK Oi! icons in faithful reproductions

Agent Bulldogg/Antipati/Contemptuous: The Sons Of Sweden 4.0 EUR

Antipati: Läggdags För Antipati (w. CD) 9.0 EUR

Arresten: Länge Har Vi Väntat 6.0 EUR

Arska & Hakkapeliitat: White & Blue Thunder/Fenno Viikingit 5.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Raise Hell 5.0 EUR

Bishops Green: Back To Our Roots Part 1 7.0 EUR

Bomber: Sheep 6.0 EUR

Bruisers, The: Gates Of Hell 7.0 EUR

Close Air Support: Old Enough 7.0 EUR

Code 1: Beat The Burglar 5.5 EUR

Combate 49: Puro Poder 7.0 EUR
– American Oi! sung in both English and Spanish. Very raw and punk-y, sort of like that old school US Oi!/RAC sound

Condemned 84: The Real Oi! 5.0 EUR

Control: Trouble On The Streets 4.0 EUR

Dead Nation: Hate Crew 8.0 EUR
– Debut release by this Finnish band. Hard Oi! with a hint of hardcore thrown in.

Doc Evil: That Was Then This Is Now 5.0 EUR

F.A.V.L.: Damned Streets 5.0 EUR

Franks, The: Break Up/Dead End Weekend 6.0 EUR

Gladius: Pasión Argentina 8.0 EUR
– Argentinian Oi!

Glory Boys: Su Democracia 7.0 EUR
– apparently the final recordings of this outstanding Spanish skinhead Oi! outfit

Hets: s/t 6.0 EUR
– Featuring Sabotage etc. members

Kareliaani: Suomalainen Sisu 6.0 EUR
– Finnish viking rock aka hakkapeliitta rock

Kriegs Legion: Anti-State War Machine 6.0 EUR

Kriminals, The: Fuori Le Gang 6.0 EUR

Last Laugh: s/t 4.0 EUR
– Finnish hardcore featuring Renne from The Wrongdoers

Lion’s Law: Faceless Victim 6.0 EUR
– Featuring Lars Frederiksen of Rancid etc. “fame”

Live By The Sword: L.B.T.S./Soldiers 6.0 EUR
– Hard hitting Oi!, like a combination of classic US of Oi! and early 80’s Skrewdriver. Featuring Wouter of Razordblade fame

Live By The Sword: Pillaged Hinterland 6.0 EUR
– Hard hitting Oi! featuring Wouter of Razordblade fame

Loose Skrews, The: Sworn To Fun 4.0 EUR

mTorr: Nordic Iron Age 6.0 EUR
– Viking metal rock, project by Arska of Kalevalan Viikingit, Kareliaani etc.

Oldfashioned Ideas: Hopp Och Förtvivlan (picture disc) 6.0 EUR
– Picture disc in full sleeve

Orgullo Sur: A Tribute To British Oi! (7″ + CD) 10.0 EUR

Orgullo Sur/Prideful, The: Angry, Patriotic & Proud 5.0 EUR

Outburst: Crusade 6.0 EUR

Pistones, The: You Are The One 6.0 EUR
– Finnish Oi!

Reconquesta: Es Per Honor 6.0 EUR
– Spanish Oi

Retaliator: Patriotic Alcoholics 5.0 EUR

S.S.S.P./No Surrender: Split 5.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: Fuck The System 7.0 EUR
– Classic TMF, like a fist in the face

Terve Hulluus: s/t 6.0 EUR

Terve Hulluus: Tuskien Taival 7.0 EUR
– New EP by the Finnish crew whose sound is a mix of classic punk and oi!

Thumbscrew: Drunk And Disorderly 4.0 EUR

Watch Your Back: Last Man Standing 5.0 EUR

Watch Your Back: Sonic Hate 6.0 EUR

Youthful Offenders: The Parole Tapes 4.0 EUR

V/A: East Coast Oi! Attack Vol. 1 4.0 EUR

V/A: Oi! Ain’t Dead Vol. 3 6.0 EUR

V/A: The Classic Punk & Oi! Singles Box (10×7″) 70.0 EUR

10″ vinyl

Lion’s Law: Open Your Eyes 13.0 EUR

Sabotage: Den Nya Värdegrunden 12.0 EUR

V/A: Oi! Ain’t Dead 2 9.0 EUR