Distro: 12″ vinyl

86’ed, The: America Today 12.0 EUR
– US Oi!

Antiseen: New Blood 16.0 EUR

Antisocial: Battle Scarred Skinheads 17.0 EUR
– Compilation LP of this lesser known 80’s UK Oi! group with a pretty rough, even sloppy punk-y sound

Aggroknuckle: Violent Family 15.0 EUR
– early recordings and live tracks. Japanese Oi!

Argy Bargy: Songs From The Streets 16.0 EUR
– Second album by the UK band. Top stuff, melodic but still tough as nails Oi!

Argy Bargy: The Likes Of Us 16.0 EUR
– Third album by the UK band. Hard and melodic Oi!

Arska & Hakkapeliitat: Storm 12.0 EUR

Arska & Hakkapeliitat: Taisteluun! 12.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Vilified 12.0 EUR

Bakers Dozen: Boots Braces And B Sides 2LP 20.0 EUR
– Double LP compiling together tracks from singles, splits and compilations. Classic UK Oi! Oi! sounds.

Bishops Green: A Chance To Change 13.0 EUR

Bishops Green: Pressure 12.0 EUR

Bonecrusher: Followers Of A Brutal Calling 17.0 EUR
– Hard but melodic US Oi!/street punk

Bonecrusher: Working For Nothing 17.0 EUR
– Hard but melodic US Oi!/street punk

Bootboys: Enfant De La Crise (w. CD) 12.0 EUR

Business, The: Suburban Rebels 17.0 EUR
– Great looking gatefold LP re-release of this absolute UK Oi! Oi! classic

Business, The: Saturdays Heroes 17.0 EUR
– UK Oi! You know ’em and love ’em!

Citizen Keyne: White Collar Hooligan 13.0 EUR
– UK Oi! punk

Close Shave: We Are Pariah 15.0 EUR
New album by the UK Oi! legends. Uncompromising oi oi, as you can expect from ’em!

Cock Sparrer: Forever 17.0 EUR
– A brand new album from Cock Sparrer! An album filled to the brim with classic, anthemic Cock Sparrer songs.

Code 1: Telling It Like It Is 12.0 EUR

Code 1: You Won’t Beat Us 12.0 EUR

Coldside: Outcasts, Thugs And Outsiders 13.0 EUR

Coldside: We’ve Had Enough 13.0 EUR

Condemned 84: In From The Darkness (Pic-LP) 15.0 EUR

Contemptuous: From The Ashes 2003 – 2006 12.0 EUR

Criminal Intent: Thug Rock 12.0 EUR
– US Oi!, hard and tough.

Crown Court: Capital Offence 16.0 EUR

Crucial Change: Mourning In America 10.0 EUR

Crucial Change: So It Begins 12.0 EUR

Demented Are Go: Kicked Out Of Hell 17.0 EUR
– One of the most classic 80’s psychobilly albums, and one that massively helped shape the whole genre. Re-release on Rebellion Records.

Demented Are Go: The Day The Earth Spat Blood 17.0 EUR
– Re-release of DAG’s classic mini-album. Crazy, punked-up classic psychobilly.

Demented Are Go: Tangenital Madness 17.0 EUR
– 90’s album by these UK psychobilly legends. Absolutely great stuff. Re-release on Rebellion Records.

Demented Are Go: Orgasmic Nightmare 17.0 EUR
– 90’s album by the UK psychobilly legends. Classic stuff.

Demented Are Go: Hellucifernation 17.0 EUR
– 1999 album by the long-running psychobilly legends, and one of their best albums.

Discharger: Born Immortal 12.0 EUR

Discharger: Desecrated Ground 13.0 EUR
– One of the best Oi! albums in recent years. Powerful, metallic and anthemic Oi!

Discharger: Until We Die 14.0 EUR
– Hard hitting, heavy skinhead rock

Disturbed Mother Fucker: Life Is So Serious 12.0 EUR

Enhärjarna: Sprit, Knogjärn & Tre Kronor 13.0 EUR
– Swedish Viking Rock featuring Bisson from Steelcapped Strength etc.

Enhärjarna: Återkomsten 13.0 EUR
– Swedish Viking Rock featuring Bisson from Steelcapped Strength etc.

Enhärjarna: The Resurrection 15.0 EUR
– Swedish Viking Rock featuring Bisson from Steelcapped Strength etc.

Exploited: Punks Not Dead 17.0 EUR
– Classic UK82 punk, their debut. A decent re-release.

Faustrecht: Klassenkampf & Geächet (2LP) 20.0 EUR

First Strike: Second Wave Of Assault 15.0 EUR
– un-PC US Oi! from this NYC group. Quite unpolished, with a hard and rough edge to it.

Grebol: Fyrtio Års Slit 12.0 EUR

Hais & Fiers: Coupable 12.0 EUR
– French Oi!/RAC in the tried and tested French style

Hais & Fiers/Choc Frontal: Split 5.0 EUR
– marked as promo

Hard Resistance: Lawless & Disorder 12.0 EUR

Hawks, The: Faith And Truth 16.0 EUR
– Japanese Samurai Spirit Skinhead Oi!/RAC

Headcase: Satisfaction Guaranteed 12.0 EUR
– Belgian Oi!, hard and yet melodic

Irreductibles/Jolly Rogers: split 15.0 EUR
– split between two Spanish Oi!/streen punk bands

Kalevan Soturit: Hail Ukko! 14.0 EUR
– Finnish viking rock aka hakkapeliitta rock w. members from Kareliaani, Arska & Hakkapeliitat, Kalevalan Viikingit et al.

King’s Cross: Break The Silence 15.0 EUR
– New band by Tomppa and Santtu from The Wrongdoers! In many ways it is a logical continuation to what they did in The Wrongdoers, but it’s not a mere carbon copy. Four tracks of hard hitting skinhead rock!

Kriegs Legion: War Bastard 12.0 EUR

Kriegs Legion: Awaken The Iron 14.0 EUR
– Fucking aggressive US metallic hardcore. Sort of like a mix of streetcore, Discharger-style hardcore and Carnivore… with in-your-face violent but intelligent lyrics to boot.

Kriminals, The: s/t 15.0 EUR

l’Infanterie Sauvage: Demos Et Studio Volume 1 (1984-83) 16.0 EUR

l’Infanterie Sauvage: Demos Volume 2 (1983-82) 16.0 EUR

Lancasters, The: 2000-2005 (Alexander & Gore) 14.0 EUR
– Re-release of the only album this band released. The guys would later go on to form Bishops Green and sure enough, The Lancasters sound like a slightly embryonic version of Bishops Green.

Lemovice: Oi! Le Tribute 12.0 EUR

Lemovice: Front Des Patriotes 14.0 EUR
– French Oi!/RAC

Lion’s Law: A Day Will Come (w. CD) 17.0 EUR

Live By The Sword: s/t 17.0 EUR
– US/Dutch Oi! featuring Wouter from Razorblade. Includes a The Bruisers cover.

London Diehards, The: There’s Lies, Damn Lies And There’s… (pic-LP) 12.0 EUR
– Best traditional UK Oi! Oi! in years. You need this album.

London Diehards, The/Johnny Asbo & The Young Guns/East End Badoes: Live Bad And Die Hard 15.0 EUR

Maddog Surrender: s/t 12.0 EUR

Moonstomp: They Never See 19.0 EUR
– Classic US of Oi!, re-release of their 1989 album.

mTorr: North 12.0 EUR
– Viking metal rock, eg. the new band by Arska of Kalevalan Viikingit, Kareliaani, Arska & Hakkapeliitat, Ironbird etc.

Nuoret Sankarit: Kaupungin Viha 15.0 EUR
– Finnish punk rock with more than passing Oi! and street punk influences.

Oppressed, The: Oi! Oi! Music 12.0 EUR

Orgullo Sur: Sureño Rural Y Brutal 15.0 EUR
– second full-length of the Chilean band. Classic skinhead Oi! Oi!

Partisants, The: s/t 17.0 EUR
– Oi!-tinged UK82 punk. Their classic debut.

Patrons, The: We Shall Not Be Moved 12.0 EUR
– Brickwall Oi!

Ragged Glöry: Alive & Kicking 16.0 EUR

Razorblade: My Name Is Vengeance 12.0 EUR

Reconquesta: Valor Perduts 12.0 EUR
– Spanish Oi!

Rejected: Suicide Hotline 15.0 EUR
– Finnish street punk

Retaliatior: Order Of Chaos 12.0 EUR
– Re-release of the 90’s UK Oi! legends’ debut album. You know what to expect.

Retaliator: Beyond The Cold Light Of Day 12.0 EUR

Rival: Take It Back 15.0 EUR
– re-release of the 90’s US RAC album originally on Rock-o-Rama. Reminds me a bit of Brutal Attack, but with a US edge in the sound

Sabotage: Faderskap I Gråzonen 15.0 EUR
– Absolutely fantastic newer Swedish Oi! in the classic Swedish tradition of combining melody and energy with anger and aggression. Features Agent Bulldogg etc. members.

Sheer Terror: Standing Up For Falling Down 16.0 EUR
– The comeback album of the NYHC legends after a lengthy pause between albums. As angry, jaded, nihilistic, dark, witty and full of black humour as ever. Essential stuff.

Sheer Terror: Pall In The Family 13.0 EUR
– New EP on single-sided 12″ (the flipside has a neat bulldog image). Angry fucked up hardcore in the true Sheer Terror style.

Shipwrecked: We Are The Sword 15.0 EUR

Skinkorps: Il Faudra Bien Vous Y Faire 2LP 20.0 EUR
– Compiling together the two LP’s of this classic French Oi! group, this is an absolutely essential piece of skinhead music history for everyone.

Skinkorps: Faut Assurer 2LP 20.0 EUR
– Double LP compilation with demo and EP tracks of this legendary French skinhead Oi! group. Even the demos have surprisingly good sound quality considering their age.

Skullhead: Return To Thunder 15.0 EUR
– The comeback album from 2002. Less political in content than the classics, but with plenty of great songs and probably tighter playing than ever before.

Sons Of Liberty: Streetbeater 12.0 EUR
– Five track EP; patriotic US Oi!

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: Straightjacket Symphonies 12.0 EUR

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: A Collection Of Hate 2LP 20.0 EUR
– Double LP containing tracks from rarer releases such as splits, singles and mini albums. The best thug rock out there, a perfect place to get started if TMF isn’t still familiar to you.

Tattooed Mother Fuckers/Tollschock: Tattooed Pissed And Proud 16.0 EUR
– Split album by German Tollschock and TMF, who you all know and love. Especially TMF’s side is very good.

Teep’n’Teepatix: T.N.T. 12.0 EUR

Ultima Thule: Rötter 15.0 EUR
– Classic viking rock by the one and only kings of viking rock!

Ultima Thule: 1458 15.0 EUR
– Newest album by the legendary Swedish viking rockers, now with original vocalist Bruno Hansen behind the mic!

Warrior Kids: Les Kids d’Estrangin Vol. 1 (1982-1991) (2LP) 20.0 EUR

Warrior Kids: Les Kids d’Estrangin Vol. 2 (2002-2014) (2LP) 20.0 EUR

Östra Aros: s/t 16.0 EUR

V/A: Werewolves Of The Night II – Public Enemies From The Northeast 15 EUR
compilation of US Oi!/RAC bands