Slava Ukraini!

In February 2022, after Russia’s criminal new attack on Ukraine, Society’s Dregs Distro ran a campaign where we donated 100% of our sales income during a week to the defense of Ukraine. It resulted in a total of 550e, which is not a bad sum for a small-time punk rock distro.

Although the brave soldiers of Ukraine have thwarted the nefarious Russian plans of conquest, the fight continues. As such, we here at SD HQ wish to continue showing solidarity and support to Ukraine in concrete means.

Many items in the distro – both vinyl and CD’s – have been marked with a small Ukrainian flag (). 50% of the price of all such items will be donated to Come Back Alive ( – so if you buy a CD that costs for example 15e, 7.5e will be donated to Ukraine.

(Note: items in the second-hand list are excluded from this campaign entirely)

The donation will be done at the end of every month. We will post the monthly sum after each donation on our Facebook, if you’re interested in knowing the sums.